An Answer to prayer!

I went with an unsettled mind

Knelt down by the well of that living water.

To drink a little water of loving kindness,

to heal my troubled soul and heavy heart.

Before I had done speaking in mine heart

the answer appeared with that sign,

That sign of inner whisper and feel of assurance

It was that exactness and quickness astounded me.

Hasted and emptied the pitcher of living water, even the last drop

Ran to that well to draw more for me and for all that I have

Wondering at that, I held my peace

To wit, if my journey is becoming successful

I bowed down my head, and worshiped

Asked if I can stay there,

In that peace, truth, and complete life!

The answer was “Yes”, Oh yes, I got the answer

Rebekah : An Answer to Prayer

Rebekah means – A quarrel appeased.

Today after my daily Bible study – (Book of Genesis : Chapter – 24) had an urge to think on the serious topic called Prayer which in turn made me to craft a poem on the same topic! “The Prayer”

If you have any suggestions or want to share with others your thoughts on this . Please leave a comment below!

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