Ephphatha – “Be Opened”

Jailed in this dark sinful mind,

Never heard the word of life.

In the terrible noise of this silence,

My mind in constant turmoil.


My voice was tied and kept behind the bars,

Thoughts and desires were always the prisoners.

Sin guarded the closed doors of my heart,

No escape to the free world of life.


Sitting in a corner of my dark sinful mind,

I am scared of the things in myself.

Good and bad are always in a battle,

In the never-ending sin-repentance cycle.


Through the closed bars of my sinful mind,

I feel so helpless and suffocated.

I look out to the horizon to see the light,

From where does my help come from


Then He walked into this dreadful prison,

Took me far from the crowd and noise.

He stretched out His hand and touched all,

That was weak and lying behind the bars


He sighed, seeing me in this state.

Rescued me from the dreadful prison.

Gave the word of life to my voice.

Commanded the bars and doors to BE OPENED.


Life, love and Light came inside,

Conquered my heart and my mind

I heard the voice of love speaking,

My voice professed the word with faith


I lift up my eyes to the hills

where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD,

The Maker of Heaven and Earth



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