Total Musical Solution!

After almost 25 years from my appearance on this planet, he came and touched the strings of my heart. That tune was very special and connected with my vibe and personality. Later we joined together forever under this institution called marriage.

Uff, I am going total musical today! 🙂 As I have started learning guitar, nowadays I relate it to almost everything possible. The more I play, the more I love it! I love the vibration of its neck in my palm when I strum a chord; I loved how my fingers start hurting after playing too much.

The journey of our married life is quite similar, we started knowing each other like a beginner on guitar, knowing the cords, the notes and many more things. Initially we struggled a lot to understand the technicalities but slowly we are improving. What we understood is, we have to be consistent and always be connected with love, care, assistance and many more things which keep on adding to the syllabus each and every day. We can say “it’s like a never-ending process of learning with patience, discipline and perseverance”.

So, we have recently started a practice of setting aside a period of time every day for sharing and listening each other to cultivate our friendship. Just sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, away from distractions like social media, calls etc.  Having random talks on random topics.Obviously, it’s me who talks and he listens, OMG, So many #ThankingGod remainders we get in this life “Thank God, he is a good listener”!

All said and done, One thing is being clarified to me that as we learn a musical instrument or the way we work towards nurturing our relationship with the person we love and want to spend life in this world. We should invest the time and our self to know better and grow closer to our heavenly Father with whom we will be spending our eternity.

God Bless You All!


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