He is the one who takes us to the other side!

One not so fine day at the shore..

At the eve, He came and saw me

“Let’s cross over to the other side”, He said!

I got it! “I am the one who takes them to the other side!”

I was glad, full of joy, pride and attitude

the famous one was now sailing with me

my little companions were also by our side

They said, Dude, you are the one who takes them to the other side!

Water was calm, The waves were smooth

Wind was like a breeze, cool and pleasant to the skin

Going with the flow and the tide, moving like a wind as I wished

We sang! they were the one taking all of us to the other side

Away from the shore, away from the multitude

to the middle of the sea we all reached.

A great windstorm arose and waves became violent

Beating me left right and center,

Though it was painful but still I withstood,

Panic stricken faces, terrified hands, trying to hold me tight

we wanted to survive, we wanted to reach the shore

Together we  fought for the breath we had in this frame

I cared about my life, my being and my frame

The frame we never liked, the color, the size and every aspect

which we always compared to others

Now we want the same frame to hold on forever

Then we saw Him, stern and asleep,

So calm and still as if He was so sure

Don’t know Him much, never asked Him though

Just knew that He was the one who asked for this sail

Ever since we met we never had a word, never spent some time

I was lost in the comfort of the water and the wind,

But now all of them have turned aside.

How can I rely on them? they too seems so helpless!

Then the fellas cried, “Master “How can you sleep”?

“Carest thou not that we perish” ?

Oh, He arose, rebuked the wind and

Said unto the sea – Peace! be still

Amazed by His Power, Supremacy and Authority

The wind, the sea and the waves all of them obeyed Him

Who is He ? I thought, and yes, Now I got it right!

He is the one who takes us to the other side


Regards & Love

The Boat!

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