What we do with our nets?

Hello Fellas, Hope you all doing Good!

Had a blessed vacation and have really a lot to say! Yes, one at a time.

The most important event was our little sister’s marriage. The eve after the wedding day I started with our next book of Bible study series ” The Gospel according to Mark”. Would like to share something which struck my conscious that evening.

Mark 1 : 16 to 20 – Here Jesus calls His first 4 Disciples, 1st two were casting the net to the deep sea, other two were mending their nets.

When two souls enter a marital alliance it is like they are casting out thier life deep into the sea called ” relationship”. There would be huge expectations of getting large amount of fish, but there can be days and nights when you get nothing or after a long day of toil what you get would be some unwanted and useless things.But every-time you cast your net into that deep sea, it should be with faith and a new hope.

At times this net can be torn apart or loosened, make sure you take out time to mend it even in the middle of the sea. Middle of your busy schedule, every single day, be it any circumstance, any situation, even if you are getting enough fish or getting nothing, you will have to sit down to mend that distorted net before you cast it again into the deep sea.

When  your net is overloaded with expectations, commitments, responsibilities or for that matter unwanted stuffs. You have to make sure the net is strong enough to hold on everything and bring it to the land and to the light.

Our God is watching over us , our actions in the sea and what we do with our net. May all that we do be pleasing to Him and at last when He calls us, all that we did be referred with gladness!

God Bless You All!

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