A full cup of Love

The other-day we reached home tired and exhausted, hubby offered to make tea and asked me to relax.

Let me tell you something, “when I am really tired I like to have my tea!” Now, I am not boasting, but it’s kinda different..

“Precisely measured water, when comes to a boil

Roughly crushed ginger & Cardamom goes in

Peppercorns were my secrets!

Tea leaves & Sugar, I know how much they owe

Together they all boil and bubbles up

Then goes the milk, giving it that divine color of ” KADAK CHAI”

….. Now I am feeling like having another Chai!”

So, he came to me with the cup of tea. As I was about to take my first sip, I noticed that he was staring with a curious kind of excitement, he really wanted to see my expression. Usually I am brutally honest, But that look melted me. I took the first sip and told him “you know what I am having a full cup of Love“. Hearing this he literally blushed and those eyes became two tiny heart emojis. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed ” The Cup of Love“, actually it tasted good! 🙂

This got me thinking, God wants us to do the same. We often do for God as chores, having to do something for him, having to give to him in order to get this or that. That moment I realized there is something much more to it. God wants us to give to Him and do for Him out of our love for Him.

Let’s tell Him that we Love Him & Let’s make him a cup of tea, It won’t be the best tea He had! But as we are His children, He would love it, and He will have it as The Cup full of Love!

May God Bless You!

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