I Love You!

Last morning during my flash prayer before leaving home, something very unusual happened. In the prayer I suddenly started hearing myself saying “ Yes, Lord I love you”, Yes Lord I love You” Yes Lord I love you!” . As usual after the prayer I got down to face the week!But that unusual moment stuck in my mind whole day.

And now these strings got connected with Peter being asked a particular question thrice. Jesus asked Simon Peter” Do you love me more than these”? Yes Lord you know I love you. Jesus knew that Peter loved Him, then why He asked him thrice the same question.

Jesus was making Peter’s heart, mind and soul hear what he was proclaiming. Peter’s heart was dry and weary , He felt Jesus left so the love also left him.He was becoming the dry lifeless bone inside. Every-time when he says ” Yes Lord I Love You” his own heart, soul and mind was awakening by the proclamation and thereafter Jesus filled him with the abundance of love and told him to feed his lamb.

Then Jesus assures him saying , As now you are filled with my Agape love you go and feed my Lamb!

Yes, I love you! Yes I love you! Yes, I Love you Lord!




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