Drawn Out Of Water

Moses’s parents were least aware of this Boy’s future, but unlike other Hebrew parents, they tried to save him risking their own life. Hiding the baby at home for many days and when that was not possible keeping him in a basket and placing in the Nile River, totally committing him to the providence of God.The Almighty saved him and brought him to the Palace. Moses – Drawn out of the water!

Moses’ story depicts our salvation and spiritual growth.The acceptance of Jesus as our personal savior is the birth of a new life in us.

The birth into a world which has already issued a decree to destroy that life, to survive we are kept in the Nile this shows the “faith” of committing ourselves to His grace and mercy. But this is the same river where many are drawn to death. To be safe in this waters we should be in the basket of protection that is “God’s grace” and this basket has a covering of slime depicts of “Holy Spirit” not allowing the worldly filth to get into us and hence saving us from the eternal death. But the irony is that after being drawn out of the water we are placed in the same bad world who oppress the righteous and Godly. Here is the test of our faithfulness and integrity. We will be nursed here by the Holy Spirit, constantly reminding us of our spirit and spiritual father. The blood of Christ who gave us the new life and drawn us out of the troubled waters, and the protection and guidance of Holy Spirit will make us a part of the heavenly plan of our spiritual father and we will be witness to the great Exodus and will lead the lost to the shore.

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