I will be still, know You are God

When the oceans rise and thunder roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father, you are King over the flood
I will be still, know You are God

Challenging situations arise in everyone’s life. Shaking, murmuring during these times show lack of trust or knowing less about your personal savior. Something good happens in our life we say that we deserve this or much more, But if anything goes wrong we say that why this is happening in my life, God is not with me, or what happened to my prayers.Even if we stand firm on trust and faith our fellow being will poke us in such a way that we start blaming our-self, our life, our destiny, God’s plan and everything that is related to it.Like Israel, we having been ordered, organized, cleaned, separated, blessed, taught how to give, reminded of God’s deliverance, given God’s presence, and the tools to advance to the Promised Land yet we complain about of house, vehicle, property, bank balance and much more! we complain of our heart and we complain about those things where our heart is on.

Every time we face fears and challenges, we  Pray and God guides and saves us in every step we take. For this to happen we have to be still and should not shake as Peter’s failure comes as he observes the wind, looking to his situation rather than to God’s power that is sustaining him.

So every time the oceans rise and thunder roars, We will fly high above the storm with God to be safe.

May God Almighty Bless each one of us by these words!


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