Give Time a little Time

It’s all my destiny, every time “Time” always turns good at its due time…just give time a little time, maybe everything will be corrected or else it will be remembered in silence.

My Dream! To travel around the world, Stop this corporate Job and Be your own boss! Write a book all remains under my blanket or in the (posterior temporoparietal cortex) oh sorry! that part in my brain which responsible for all that Daydreaming;)

But yes I keep on asking myself that when will I take my first step towards my dream to get a bit closer to it! Yes, I hate this corporate Job as everyone does, But today something interrupted my daydreaming and that was a Thought” Hy why am I hating my job when it is paying me money to get closer to my dream! I should be thankful for this and thankful to My God for being so gracious!

I believe we are privileged enough to have a job that pays, even though it doesn’t leave you much time to work on making your dreams a reality. We can use the money to help our self to get closer to our dreams. And yes for all those excuses like I don’t have time, what people will think and my responsibilities towards family I have an advice which I get every time I fly “The idea of putting your own oxygen mask on before helping others “. Indeed it is a good advice.!

3 thoughts on “Give Time a little Time

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  1. Amazing thought….V often get too hung up on our future dreams in a way that v forget to embrace our present blessings…Well said Chechi


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